Are you independent, strong, full of outer confidence but inside you feel like a failure in life and in relationships?

Do you feel “together” until you get into a relationship, then give up your career, your dreams, even yourself?

Are you seeking a way to have your own Soul’s Journey?

Do you want to be happy whether you are in a relationship or not? Living your Soul’s Journey is one of the easiest ways to live your life because it is your soul’s destiny.

We women tend to go into relationships believing that we have to give away our power and deep down we want to be rescued just like Cinderella. We really want someone to care for us and treat us like a princess. Now, we may not want to admit that so I will be the first. I had the Cinderella Complex and lived it even though it is the modern age and I certainly wouldn’t… couldn’t… have that issue of giving up my dreams, my career and me.

If you want to be independent yet as soon as you meet a man you lose it, then keep reading.

It helps to know the laws of the land and the laws of the heavens to be able to stand on your own two feet whether in a relationship or not. Knowing yourself is a life long journey and when we are needing something from someone else, it is hard to really have that independence and freedom within and to find that right relationship if we so choose.

We all have two aspects of life in common, we want to survive and we want to be loved. Many women will give up their power, dreams, themselves just to receive that love… giving and giving, thinking that will bring them love.

We can’t find love, it is within us. Once we really learn to love ourselves… then, if you choose, you can have that right relationship. Wouldn’t you just love to have that feeling now?

Whether you may have experienced some form of abuse early in life or other trauma. our trust may be altered to some degree. Have you ever wondered why you fall for all the sweet talk and are taken in by the kindness?

Personally, I spent most of my adult years out of a relationship yet I kept trying (5 times) to find my knight in shining armor. I kept trying to find me.

While taking my daily meditation walk in the North Georgia Mts. and asking Spirit to please help me, it all came pouring in … I was attracting these manipulative, con-artist, lying types of relationships because I was lying to myself and even worse I was conning myself.

Simply put, I was lying to myself saying year after year, time after time, “I can’t do this alone.” I was conning my self because I was believing that I was doing it all alone.

Is it possible to have unconditional love from another when we don’t have it for our selves?

That is when life opened up for me, in a way that I have never experienced before, even after all of my training and all of my experiences. I “owned” the feeling that I am not alone, I have Spirit, I have my inner child and my higher self and Spirit. I am in a partnership far surpassing anything anyone else could give me. As a smart and educated woman, I knew this intelligently but I didn’t own or feel it.

Co dependent relationships are not love, they are satisfying a need or want that both partners are trying to fill. When the partner can’t fulfill our needs, then we get mad at them, angry at ourselves because truth is Gals, we have to find what we are looking for within, then and only then can we find unconditional love.

No wonder the divorce rate in America is at its highest. As a former divorce attorney, I saw it all. (My new book will share some of those stories, just like mine too)

Now, why this important is because I realized that there are thousands of women just like me. Smart, independent, wise, trained, professional yet when they get with a man, they lose it.

Spirit has led me on a mission, as a Lawyer, an Ordained Minister, a trained Spiritual Energy Counselor, and as a woman who’s been through it myself, to help other women who also are just like me.

I have a passion to help women to overcome the Cinderella Complex so that they can understand the laws of the land that affect their marriage, their lives, their children, as well as the laws of the heavens so they can stand on their own two feet in or out of a relationship. Please understand, I believe in love and I believe in relationships, yet, my journey is to help women honor, respect and live their own souls journey within that relationship or if they choose, not in a relationship.

Become the new modern Cinderella……. authentically you being happy in or out of a relationship

If you are ready to begin your self-discovery process then fill out the “Freedom to be Me Journal” and let’s get started.

Be your own Rags to Riches story and stop relying on a guy and start relying on Spirit. Learn to live YOUR soul’s journey whether in or out of a relationship!

Step One:

Get started exploring your soul’s journey with the Freedom to be Me Journal ~ my gift to you! Use the form to the upper right of the page.

Step Two:

Request your complimentary Soul’s Journey Exploration Session with me on the Contact Page. Let’s connect soon to start YOUR Soul’s Journey!

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