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I help women with the Cinderella Complex who feel trapped because they want to be independent, but as soon as they meet a man they lose it. With my guidance they learn to master the laws of the land and the laws of the heavens to stand on their own two feet, with or without a relationship.

I am just like you. trying to find love, personally having attempted it five times. I believed in each marriage and thought I had found my Prince Charming just like Cinderella had found.

It took me years of experiences and training to learn I didn’t know a thing about why I wanted a relationship or my role in a relationship because I truly didn’t know me. But why? I have a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, (Body-Mind-Spirit approach to understanding life), am a licensed Georgia attorney, have a Level 3 Certification in Spiritual Energy Dynamics and certainly have been married enough.

What I was missing though was my own understanding of honoring and knowing self, (therefor honoring Spirit), spiritual and physical boundaries and discernment.

I lived a lie all my life, conning myself to believe I couldn’t do it alone. Fact is, I have never been alone, I have Spirit and a team of angels, archangels, and masters to support me 24/7. Once I owned that feeling, my life became my own for the first time this entire life. It was then that I knew that I had to help other women as I know the suffering and negative situations we can get into. I finally have a way of helping women to be free and independent in or out of a relationship.

If I had not had my spiritual mentors during my difficult times, I would not be here to share my story and help others to find that inner happiness, strength and to stand on your own two feet in or out of a relationship. I am in gratitude for my SED training which helped me to resolve issues that had never seemed to resolve. I now can share that with women who are like me.

Finally, I am able to choose to live without being married. I am free to travel on my Soul’s Journey.

In case you are curious I have the following training:

Ordained Spiritual Minister

Delphi University: PHD in Transpersonal Psychology

Licensed Georgia Attorney

University of Houston Law Center, Emphasis in Mediation, Family and Business Law

I am also the author of the following books:

Angel Anya’s Adventures: Angel Anya’s Magic Heart: a book about my beautiful daughter.

Heart’s Justice: Compassion and the Game of Law: a book about learning to resolve divorce in peace.

Someday My Prince Won’t Come: Moving from the Cinderella Complex to Living Your Soul’s Journey: My Ebook exploring the stories of women who have survived difficult relationships and learned to love themselves and embark on their Soul’s Journey, with or without a man.

I’d love to connect with you.

Please apply for a Soul’s Journey Exploration Session with me by visiting our Contact Page.

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