SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WON’T COME: Moving from the Cinderella Complex to Living Your Soul’s Journey

Someday My Prince Won’t Come is a short read long on wisdom.

The focal point, which is quite clear in the book, is personal wholeness and empowerment. Dr. Vikke challenges the archetype of the “Cinderella Complex” in which a woman needs her Prince Charming to be happy and whole. However, with her own experiences as a guide-both personal and professional-she encourages all women to adapt a more realistic and wholeness engendering viewpoint of life.

Relationships are fine but they are not the basis of one’s ultimate health and well-being. Dr. Vikke helps women understand the value and freedom of being alone and to embrace their identity and independence.

E Book available now for $8.88Why $8.88? Because Dr. Vikke loves the number 8!

Anyas Magic Heart CoverAngel Anya’s Adventures: Angel Anya’s Magic Heart

This book brings such joy to children of all ages as the book shares that each child is full of love, regardless of their circumstances in life.

Reading this book to a child brings inspiration to their lives and opens up the love in their hearts. It is up to each of us as parents or in parent roles to help our children know the power of love  and the magic it powerfully brings in children’s lives.Angel Anya’s Adventures involves three generations of Ford’s which is a bringing of hearts together in the truest sense.

Vikke Ford encourages children to send in their pictures of angels and drawings of love. One of Vikke’s dreams is to be able to write several ANGEL ANYA’S ADVENTURES for children going through divorce, being adopted and issues of self esteem.


8202_frontcover[1]Heart’s Justice: Compassion and the Game of Law

This book is essential for all attorneys, their staff and professionals who work in or around divorce law. It is also an indispensable resource for those who are contemplating divorce, are in a divorce or have actually gone through the legal process of a divorce.

“If I could have just read this book before my divorce, I would have been so much happier. I could have had an attorney who would have supported my plans and my life.” Divorcee

“Stress in the legal profession is carrying over to the clients and to the entire legal system. This book helps to put legal careers into perspective. Thank you for writing this book.” Roselyn B. CEO


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